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      " CREATIVITY  is expressing what is inside you.

Your thoughts come ALIVE like a series of wonders and CREATE a whole range of unexpected mesmerizing OBJECTS."

                                 -Margit Valentin

 I have always liked design as each field has their own uniqueness. The different materials  from analogue to digital posses their own personality and have their own limits. As we dive deeper into design we will notice everything is a memory fragment that would like to come alive. This is why I would like to show Refik Anadol's immersive AI generated data visualization that highlights and maybe inspires other designer's who have never heard about him, and would like to further  explore his creative genius.
The Memory as Data image in my portfolio is like a technical drawing of a bird illustrating my artistic expression, that conveys the message as everything is built form 0 and 1 as a binary code. When this code meets in space it constructs a form like constructivism. The amazing amount of data creates a bird  like form that flies just like our memory in our social media posts.
Design is unique and personal just like our voice, personality and cultural heritage. What we have immersed ourselves through our learning journey you will see in my Portfolio.
As a fashion  designer and creative graphics artist I tried to give objects an unexpected wonderous outcome that fascinates people when they look at and try to guess the procedure that brought alive the artworks. For the four finals as music genre they are as follows. 1/ For the techno sculpture I used jewellery making  wires to bend and give a shape to abstract techno forms. 2/  The trance music was painted with swirling splashes of acrylic on perspex to create a self-reflection that tells it's own story. 3/ The Eurodance gives back a time travel journey  where everything is about self-expression and extravagance just like in the song 'Now You're Gone'. 4/ Liquid funk music genre created their own universal language from a starting point, as did my handmade sculpture that  started its own journey as a graphic design illustration.
One of my favourite quotes is the following as I am eager to learn new knowledge.
Passion gives you the enthusiasm that drives you toward imagination and  out of the box thinking.

 I created this one for the data visualisation project to show the sonic data visualization.  JoAnn Kuchera' s  AlloSphere  lets you see through your own eyes the atoms spinning and creating crystal structures in real time in front of you. JoAnn Kuchera' s AlloSphere is so amazing.  Located in California it educates people about this micro universe that we  can now see through our eyes.  You can choose from different themes from atoms, crystals to brain imaging as the fMRI scan creates pictures. Also you hear the sounds created by these processes.

My other favourite quote


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