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Filter as self-expression

Updated: Sep 24, 2022

With Photoshop filter you can create anything the only limit is you imagination.

Photoshop Filters give you the key for self-expression as I learnt from the Experimental Image Making unit.


Colour and Filters

I never heard about liquid funk music before. This music subgenre exploration led me to create at least 20 art works in this unit of the Swinburne University.

Started with water splash experiment where I stirred the water with a spoon and with the other hand I photographed the water splashes creating smaller and larger bubbles. One of my thoughts was to photograph my sculpture that I made 4 years ago by hand using my porcelain clay and to convert it into an amazing 3D image using filters and grouping object in Photoshop.

With Photoshop filter you can be Andy Warhol using your own imagination. I used the half-tone effects to create an almost binary like code to show the different layers of this liquid funk music genre. When I multiplied the layers in Photoshop I enhanced it with curves, hue and saturation modifications that appears as a pink transparent rectangular form that has a three dimensional look that fits perfectly with the liquid funk music genre.

The result is in the top image, it evokes emotion and fantasy.

Soon in March I hope to finish my degree and I am proud of myself and the teachers who let me fly with my own wings to create those amazing items as a Portfolio. Thank Narelle, Lauren and all the others..

This is another image for the same unit where I expressed the High Contrast for the special edition album named Tread Softly. This is warning sign about our future. The different filters that I applied created a city scape and a warning sign in the form of a robotic eye like a red traffic light saying STOP!!!!! .

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